#Drunk In Love!

This is for “The Lovers” – Happy Valentine’s Day


love - Copy

L-O-V-E!  What woman does not desire love?  Truly, it seems to be the boon and bane of our femininity, of our humanity.  It is our joy and our pain.  It’s like sunshine and rain.  We can and often do live without romantic love; but then again, we ask ourselves, “Do we really want to?”

As young girls we fantasize about love, falling in love (“puppy love” as they call it), waiting for love, scribbling hearts and kisses across our notebooks, writing Mr. & Mrs. This or That on scrap paper, and hoping for that happily ever after moment.  But, eventually, we find out all this passion we desire is not the fairy tale, we hoped it would be.

For tonight’s teaching, I will present the erotic (EROS) presentation in the Song of Solomon: The Shulammite, the centerpiece of her own love story, in full throttled, swelling, passionate pursuit of her lover.  Her lover desires physical consummation…

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