Tabitha’s Daughters, LLC



“Every woman has a story AND every woman’s story matters to God.”

Tabitha’s Daughters Mission Statement:  We seek to empower, heal, deliver, and transform the lives of women and girls through fellowship and the power of story.

About Tabitha’s Daughters: 

Maxine (Angie) Garrett is the founder and primary facilitator of Tabitha’s Daughters.  This organization is chartered in the state of Pennsylvania as a limited liability corporation, and a pending trademark application for the state of North Carolina.

Currently, Tabitha’s Daughters has three chapters in two states under the auspices of Tabitha’s Daughters, LLC:

Tabitha’s Daughters (Pittsburgh Chapter) – Founded February 2016

Tabitha’s Daughters Queen City (Charlotte Chapter) –  Founded October 2014

Tabitha’s Daughters Intergenerational Bible Series (Charlotte Chapter) – Founded November 2015

Tabitha’s Daughters provides a bi-weekly engagement/encounter for all chapters.  Our focus is on women’s empowerment through healthy living and spiritual practices including meditation, deep-breathing, self-care strategies, exercise, and prayer.

Our Pennsylvania office and information:               Our Charlotte office and information

Maxine (Angie) Garrett                                                 10105 Pintail Place, #202

514 Armandale Street, Pittsburgh, PA                           Charlotte, NC  28269




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