For the “REAL” grown women…….put those hands up!!!!!

Hey y’all,

Don’t you wish we could start a new movement for “us” – The REAL Grown Women’s Movement because. . . . . . .there seems to be a new war on women that is both disturbing and dangerous.  I am not being overly dramatic, so if you disagree, please let me state my case that I may persuade you otherwise.

Vintage Divas will remember the struggle we encountered, w-a-a-y back in the 70s and 80s, just trying to get a little -R-E-S-P-E-C-T and decent employment in corporate America.  I don’t know about your experience; but, I will NEVER forget graduating from college (Northwestern University) and coming back to my hometown with high expectations.  After all, I was a college graduate, and back in the late 70s, a Bachelor’s degree  held considerable value.  But, instead of securing a dream job, my first full-time position included making coffee for “The Executives” and being reminded to address them properly:  “Hello, Mr Smith and Mr. Jones.  Would you like sugar or cream?”

I was ever so humiliated.  I looked around corporate Pittsburgh, and saw very few women in professional positions.  Most of us were in the secretarial pools, working our way up, even though many of us already met the required job qualifications.  I also remember the brushing and touching (“Oops, sorry about that”); the comments (“I didn’t mean it like that”), and the stares (“I was looking at something else”). We w0men had little to no recourse: nowhere to go and nobody to tell.  Remember – those were the days before Anita Hill.

Thank goodness things (eventually) changed for the better!  Yet, I often remind my two daughters – “Don’t get too comfortable.  Time has a way of repeating itself.”  So, here is a question for you:  Are we right back from where we started?????

Think about the global sex trade (now more lucrative than drug trafficking).  How about the NFL domestic violence issue? And, can we talk about the music industry where ‘bitch’ and ‘ho’ references are as commonplace as the “N” word.  And, how come A-list female celebrities ( you know who they are), feel it’s appropriate to simulate sex acts on stage, then present themselves as role models for our girls?  What about the onslaught of reality television shows, where women fight each other in public places, cuss each other out, sabotage each other, then act as though they are best friends?  I can only speak for myself; but, where have all the REAL grown women gone?  Have we retreated to our individual corners, resigned to watch this madness, scratching our heads and wondering where it will all end?

Isn’t it about time the world hears from us – those of us who know who we are and WHOSE WE ARE!  We are made in the image of our Creator and we are REAL grown women:  Regal, Evolving, Authentic, & Luminary.   If there is a war on women, (and  obviously I believe there is), we must fight to reclaim and regain our true identity, because image is powerful and false image is very dangerous.  Each time we see or hear something misogynistic and offensive – let’s make SOME NOISE about it!  Write in, call in, or better yet,  shut off the channel until the media understands we care, and we are willing and able to make ourselves heard.

Totally Vintage Divas – can I get a witness or two?  If so, put those fists up in the air and let’s start pushing back, when we see and hear the opposite of who we REALLY are!


“If  you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  (Maya Angelou)


                                                                                                                                                            SAY WHAT????????????

Did anyone read the New York Times article by Alessandra Stanley about Shonda Rhimes?  Ms. Stanley, after making several apologies about the offensive and stereotyping references in her piece, ( referring to Shonda as an angry, black woman and further insulting the fabulous Viola Davis) commented that three other New York Time editors read her critique and didn’t find it offensive.  Looks like the New York Times editorial staff may need some diversity training!



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